Tips for properly Best installing your air conditioning

Tips for properly Best installing your air conditioning

August 11, 2021 Off By Jeremy Dawes

The installation of an Air conditioning is quite a complex operation. For a successful installation, some precautions are essential in order to be up to standards. However, do not hesitate to entrust the task to a professional. The Climaticelec company has a team of qualified craftsmen to correctly install the device.

Don’t neglect the basics :

Before you begin, allow time for the installation. As an indication, it takes an average of 8 hours to fix each unit that makes up the system. In practice, this duration will depend on many factors such as the model of air conditioning you have chosen. It may also vary depending on the location chosen for the device, the configuration of your home and any constraints. Regarding invoicing, a reduced VAT applies only on labor if the work is carried out at a private individual and the site is more than 2 years old.

Also consider the power supply to your air conditioning. The instructions supplied with the appliance will detail the type of connection provided for the outdoor and indoor units. As much as possible, limit the number of elbows and hide the various tubes and power cables. Drill holes in the wall where the brackets for your air conditioner will be attached. At the end of the work, do not forget to fill the holes and touch up the paint.

The installation of air conditioning :

Choose a sturdy wall to secure the indoor unit. To simplify the installation, define its location by anticipating the passage of the various cables and the accessibility of the connections during assembly. Also plan to leave some space around the block to allow air to circulate more easily. Then position the outer unit in a location sheltered from humidity and sunlight. Ideally, fix it near the indoor unit to facilitate connection. In any case, the Air Conditionerinstallation must take into account the characteristics of the device.

Commissioning of air conditioning :

The Environmental Code, and more specifically article, requires that only a professional is authorized to put air conditioning into service. According to article R. the latter must have a certificate of capacity or an equivalent certificate. To ensure the correct functioning of the device, the air conditioning specialist must perform a vacuum draft, which consists in evacuating the air to lower the pressure in the piping .

It will also control the connection of the power cables and pipes that carry the refrigerant. He must also check the tightness of the device to ensure that there is no risk of leakage. For this, it will make dudgeons to correctly fit the fitting that connects the fluidic pipes and the blocks of your air conditioner servicing, in order to seal the whole.

The air conditioning specialist will open the service valves to release the refrigerant and thus put the system into service. It may need to top up the charge. It is possible to choose a pre-charged air conditioner on condition that the installation is entrusted to a certified professional. At the end of the work, he will give you the commissioning contract. In the event that the professional will take care of both assembly and commissioning, he must provide you. You can fix your air conditioner yourself if you are a handyman. It is nevertheless preferable to entrust solicit the services of a professional to have the guarantee that the work will be carried out in compliance with safety rules.